Your project demands for meaningful action.

The possibilities and opportunities for innovation have never been bigger. The winners of tomorrow are those able to predict future trends and build emotional connections with people. Discover how our services help you deliver customer-centric innovation consistently.

What we believe in

At Leap Forward we want to build a sustainable environment for people to grow in and become experts in what they do. We put positive attitudes, a focus on quality and a strong belief in personal growth upfront in all of our actions.

We value these same things in our collaborations with customers. Our mission is to create a positive impact through creativity, expertise and involved partnerships. We get energy from seeing complex challenges being solved by creative solutions. We're proud of our work and the teams behind it.

How we work

Leap Forward works at the intersection of strategy, design & technology. Over the last decade we have developed a goal-oriented approach to make innovation successful. Thanks to a team of seasoned experts we guarantee top-notch work in all our projects:

Innovation Strategy
Service Design
User Testing
Brand Experience
Product Design
Creative Development
New Technology
Motion Design
Digital Styleguides
Interaction Design

Whether it’s a new business, an exciting brand, a breakthrough product or service experience you’re aiming for. We help you get to strong results in the shortest time frame possible.

How can we help you?

We define, test and implement innovation strategies. And we get breakthrough products, services and experiences to market. Fast.

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