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We believe in co-creation and crafting things people care about. Each of our teams is motivated by a drive to do the right thing and to do it right.

What we believe in

At Leap Forward we want to build a sustainable environment for people to grow in and become experts in what they do. We put positive attitudes, a focus on quality and a strong belief in personal growth upfront in all of our actions.

We value these same things in our collaborations with customers. Our mission is to create a positive impact through creativity, expertise and involved partnerships. We get energy from seeing complex challenges being solved by creative solutions. We ‘re proud on our work and the teams behind it.

Pushing Innovation

We have pioneered design thinking in Belgium. Thanks to data-driven research methods and a customer-centric approach we help any kind of organisation innovate consistently.

Invested in People

As a design-driven company we’re constantly focussed on creating positive value. We want to make people's lives better and get energy out of crafting meaningful experiences.

Experts in Digital

Over the last decade we have launched countless successful products, services and experiences. Our teams consist of skilled experts that share a passion for all things digital.


Career opportunities

We define, test and implement innovation strategies. And we get breakthrough products, services and experiences to market. Fast.