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Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the architect of your business’s online success. It shapes and structures your digital presence to unlock new levels of growth and innovation.

Leap Forward approaches digital strategy from an entirely bespoke perspective. It's all about you: your vision, your goals, your specific industry context. Below, we explain how we do this in detail.


Our approach to digital strategy

Our three-step approach will help your business define, implement, and optimise its digital strategy for maximum impact. It works as follows

  1. We help you envision the ideal future state: We begin by helping you define where you want to be. We'll explore your customers’ needs, wishes, and frustrations before pairing them with your organisational goals.

    The goal is to outline a future state—whether that’s in the next year, 5 years, or 10 years. We then synthesise this ideal state with future insights: trend analysis and benchmarks.

  2. Together, we build a realistic roadmap: Next, we plot the journey to your desired future. We create a roadmap that iteratively takes you from where you currently are to where you want to be, which includes detailed channel and product strategies.

    This roadmap considers the technical infrastructure you'll need, the processes and workflows to implement, and the organisational structure to support it all. We'll also set clear milestones and indicators so you’ll always know if you're on track or need to pivot.

  3. Then, we craft effective business storytelling:Everyone needs to be onboard to turn a strategy into reality. That's where our business storytelling comes in. We construct compelling narratives that build buy-in for your digital strategy from your internal team and potential partners.

Why partner with Leap Forward for digital strategy?

In today’s digital age, crafting a robust digital strategy isn’t optional for your business—it's essential. Leap Forward’s experts will work with your team to craft a strategy that helps your company fulfil its true potential.

Partner with us and take your first step to building a more resilient future for your business.

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