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Product Strategy

Product strategy is the blueprint that drives successful development. It outlines a product’s journey from idea to market while defining its purpose, audience, and key features.

You're probably no stranger to the term 'Product Strategy'. But what exactly does it mean? Put simply, it’s a roadmap of your digital product's life cycle, from conception to launch, and beyond. By choosing to work with Leap Forward, our team will craft this roadmap alongside you.


Best practices when conducting product strategy

We adhere to the following principles when helping businesses like yours devise a product strategy:

Technical deep dive: We kick off with a deep dive into your technical infrastructure. Our goal is to understand the essence of your digital product: how it's built and its DNA. Together, we’ll uncover its potential and sketch out a strategic roadmap for your product.

Organisational analysis: But what's a product without the gears that drive it? Your processes, workflows, and organisational structure are vital when developing and evolving a digital product. We assess and streamline these elements of your business to ensure they fuel your product's growth, not hinder it.

Define specific goals: Next up, we work with your team to set milestones and define KPIs. You need to know what you’re aiming for and how to track it. We define the indicators and set you up for success with flexible dashboards that will grow with you.

Begin prototyping and testing: We leverage proof of concepts (PoCs), prototypes, and minimum viable products (MVPs) to determine technical feasibility, evaluate business concepts, or find your product-market-fit.

Determine the impact on your communication strategy: What good is a great digital product if it's not communicated well? We identify the interplay between your product and communication strategies, ensuring they complement each other.

Why invest in product strategy?

Product strategy is your digital product's blueprint for success, so it’s vital you get it right. That’s why you should partner with Leap Forward.

We will work tirelessly with your team to understand your product, your vision, and how to connect the dots. We're not just a digital agency—we're the strategic partner your digital product deserves.

Want to explore how we can improve your products or services?