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The collaboration between different stakeholders working toward a common goal. Experience taught us that complex design challenges can’t and shouldn’t be solved by one designer. That's why co-creation is essential in our process.

Solving a design challenge is one thing, but transferring years of experience from our clients into the heads of our designers is another.

Enter co-creation workshops. It’s the best and most efficient way to get results as it facilitates structured and comprehensive collaboration.

After defining a tailor-made design process to best suit a particular project and client, we then bring the right people together with the necessary experience and knowledge. Workshops are one of our most important co-creation tools, which we implement during research and strategy, concepts and design, and even during development.


Some benefits

Support: Co-creation is a great way to find and create new solutions. It’s more fun and highly motivating for people to work towards a common goal together.

Gradual change: When you implement co-creation sessions there may not be any sudden clear changes, but rather gradual, sustainable development of the organisation over time.

Retention: Many people have a voice in the outcome, which makes them feel involved and results in higher retention.

Feedback: We get feedback from the very start and throughout the process, instead of at the end when it’s too late or very costly to implement it.

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