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Service Innovation

Service innovation is the engine that powers your business’s transformation. It's the art of reimagining your service offerings to meet customers’ demands and new market trends.

Service Innovation enhances your services and boosts customer satisfaction. It's about brewing fresh ideas that strike the perfect balance between user appeal (desirability), practicality (feasibility), profitability (viability), and ethical soundness (integrity).


Our approach to service innovation

With Leap Forward, you won’t just revamp your services—you’ll completely reshape them. We’ll help you go beyond the conventional, delivering innovative services that delight customers and set your business apart from the crowd.

  • We run a service innovation accelerator: This concentrated, fast-paced initiative will help your business swiftly identify and map your service innovation next steps. We generally run one-week sprints (steered by seasoned coaches) to infuse your business with a culture of creativity and innovation.

    This service innovation accelerator takes about 8 weeks in total. By the end, we’ll have a tangible solution that’s validated with users, which we can then use in the proof of concept (PoC) and pilot phases.

  • We conduct research with early adopters: By listening to early adopters, you can shape services that resonate with your customers’ ever-evolving needs and identify future opportunities.

  • We test with real users: It begins with constructing proof-of-concepts (PoCs) that swiftly gauge technical viability. These PoCs then evolve into prototypes, enabling the assessment of novel business propositions, whether within the organization or for external ventures. Subsequently, pilot programs are established to undergo user testing, refining the offerings based on valuable insights. Finally, the journey culminates in the development of a minimal viable product (MVP), meticulously fine-tuned through authentic user feedback, ensuring an optimal product-market fit.

Why you should partner with Leap Forward for service innovation

The business landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. If your services don’t keep up, your brand will quickly fall behind.

Be proactive and work with Leap Forward to stay ahead of the competition. By choosing to partner with Leap Forward, you won’t just adapt to change—you’ll drive it. Note that we also offer full innovation partnerships where we work closely with in-house innovation teams and departments on an ongoing basis, helping them reach the next level.

Together, we'll ensure your services always exceed customers’ expectations.

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