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Service research

Service research helps you understand what your customers require, how to improve your existing services, and how to innovate by implementing new services to meet your customers’ changing needs.

In today’s world, exceptional service is no longer a luxury—it’s a basic expectation. Understanding your customers and their needs has never been more crucial. Service research plays a vital role, enabling your company to delve deep into your consumers’ psyches, identifying pain points, and develop services that exceed your users’ expectations.


How does the service research process work?

Here at Leap Forward, we take a 5-step approach to service research.

  1. We work together to define important research objectives: It is important to set clear goals for your service research. Your research objectives will vary significantly based on your organisation's needs, such as improving service delivery, understanding customer behaviour, or identifying areas for innovation.

  2. We collect rich data-driven insights from your audience: We combine qualitative and quantitative methods to get a complete picture of your service context. For example, by conducting desk research, participant and non-participant observation, interviews, focus groups, and co-creative workshops​.

  3. We make sense of what we’ve learned: Having collected your audience data, we then analyse and visualise it. This process, also known as "sensemaking," involves creating personas, mapping journeys and systems, developing key insights, generating jobs-to-be-done insights, writing user stories, and compiling research reports​​.

  4. We define key priorities and establish a strategy: Then, we use these insights to develop tailor-made strategies and action plans that address the issues we’ve identified and opportunities that we’ve uncovered. This might involve improving existing services, developing new ones, or changing internal processes to meet customers' needs more effectively.

We assess the impact over time and iterate when necessary: Having implemented the strategies defined in step 4, we evaluate the outcomes on a continual basis to assess whether they’re having the desired impact. This might require us to conduct further rounds of data collection and analysis, and to potentially adjust the strategies based on the results.

Why should you invest in service research?

The value of service research extends far beyond immediate problem-solving. It will equip your business with strategic insights that can lead to service improvements, operational efficiency, greater customer loyalty, and sustainable business growth. Leap Forward is committed to helping you harness the power of service research to take your business to new heights.

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