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User research

User research refers to researching a user’s needs and expectations. Continually doing this is crucial to delivering great products and services that meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Before creating most products we do thorough research to discover opportunities for service and product improvements. We offer both qualitative and quantitative research, like surveys, street interviews, and in-depth interviews. But we also do usability tests, host focus groups, and use cultural probes to gain more insights. By collaborating with both your team and real customers, we learn about their wants and needs. Once all data is collected we can suggest service improvements that lift your organisation to the next level. We then build a tailored plan to answer the most important questions and allow you to make the right decisions.


Some benefits

Certainty: By doing the research first, we reduce the risk of implementing services no one will use or want to buy.

Empathy: We focus on the user first. By exercising empathy for your user throughout the whole organisation, we can help you give them what they need.

Smooth decision-making: User research makes building products easier. But it’s also a great way to stop guessing, make the right decisions based on real data, and create a successful user experience.

Accessibility: Thanks to our focus on accessibility, we can also help you build easy-to-use, accessible products and services that reduce high overhead cost to manage problems.

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