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Launching a conversion-driven website and rebrand



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Launching a conversion-driven website and rebrand

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Nodalview’s sales and marketing platform helps 10,000 real estate agents in 30 countries create stunning visuals, attract more buyers online, and gain more clients.

Nodalview was already a well-established SaaS scale-up when it approached us in 2022. However, despite having a great product-market fit, the company’s branding and website didn’t accurately reflect its innovative tool.

Their in-house approach had allowed for rapid growth and adaptability—but the team needed a more professional and strategic approach to enhance its sales and marketing efforts. So, they came to us for help.


Turning Nodalview’s values into a powerful logo

Our first mission was to uncover Nodalview’s brand values, which would dictate the rest of the rebrand.

Through a series of co-collaborative workshops, we delved into Nodalview's target audience, how the team wanted the brand to be perceived, and the company’s aspirations for the future. These exercises revealed a set of well-defined brand values, which would serve as a guiding light for its brand strategy.

We then worked with the team to artfully translate these values into a distinctive new logo that captures Nodalview’s spirit. With a distinct set of values and an eye-catching logo, Nodalview now had a solid foundation to support the rest of its rebranding efforts.


Uniting everything into a brandbook

A successful brand extends far beyond just a logo. It encompasses a harmonious blend of colours, typography, visual elements, icons, photography, and tone of voice.

We meticulously considered each of these aspects to create a unified brandbook, which serves as a comprehensive guide for Nodalview's brand identity. This brandbook is the single source of truth, ensuring consistency and cohesion in all branding efforts.

Thanks to the brandbook, Nodalview can confidently present a consistent brand across all channels, at all times.

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Delivering high-quality brand essentials

As Nodalview expands and grows, its marketing and sales efforts must encompass both the digital and physical worlds. However, like many digitally focused companies, Nodalview struggled to create print assets that were as sleek and polished as its digital product.

Thankfully, this is something we could help with. Our team of experienced designers thrives on the intricacies of selecting the perfect paper for a sleek flyer, designing the ideal setup for an event booth, and is fluent in CMYK.

They collaborated with the Nodalview team to create a comprehensive set of branding assets, both digital and physical—ensuring the company leaves a lasting impression at every touchpoint.


Building a website that drives conversions

Attracting visitors to a website is one thing, but converting them into leads is another. When creating Nodalview's new website, we focused on achieving the perfect balance between two critical elements.

Our first priority was designing a clear, conversion-focused user flow that would convert visitors into prospects. Secondly, we built it on a flexible framework that lets the marketing team easily fine-tune the narrative, add new pages, or launch campaigns from within the website.

Balancing these two priorities means that Nodalview's website effectively communicates its brand story while also driving meaningful results.


Empowering the marketing team

We understand that marketing teams often prefer to have full control over creating high-quality social media content. After all, nobody knows their audience and messaging better than they do.

To support Nodalview's marketing efforts, we provided them with a comprehensive set of templates for social media posts across their various channels. This ensured that Nodalview's branding remains high-quality and consistent across all touchpoints.

It also empowered their marketing team to focus on what they do best: crafting compelling narratives and launching impactful campaigns.

Don’t take our word for it.

"The Leap Forward team not only keeps up with the speed at which we operate—they surpass it."

Dagmara Stozek

Head of Marketing

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