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3 minute read - by Sjouwke Van Parys

5 advantages of Craft CMS

When it comes to Content Management Systems, there’s a myriad of options out there. We worked with quite a few, but when given the choice, there’s one in particular that we love to work with: Craft CMS.

Not only does it provide a range of powerful features, it’s flexibility and user-friendliness aren’t matched by any of the competitors.

If you’re thinking of implementing a CMS for your business but aren’t sure yet if Craft CMS is the right fit for you, we will show you some of its biggest advantages and we will illustrate how these can make your job easier. Maybe we can convince you why Craft CMS is our favourite CMS, and why it could be the perfect option for you too!

1. Seamless content creation

We understand that you want to focus simply on content creation, so we handle everything that’s related to the front-end for you. Unlike other CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal, Craft CMS starts from a clean slate and isn’t opinionated. This means we don't have to break down pre-made systems or templates.

Instead, we have the freedom to fully build up your website, tailoring it precisely to your requirements. Through adaptable blocks we build custom pages, allowing for seamless content creation and organisation, and manage multiple sites in different languages.

For example, when we partnered with Chipea, a platform dedicated to raising happy, healthy eaters: Craft CMS made it a breeze to store personalised recipes in their website’s back-end, while also delivering a smooth front-end experience.


2. An intuitive user interface

Craft CMS is renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it effortless to work with. It offers a seamless experience that streamlines workflows and simplifies website management.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, both our developers and you as a client can easily structure and nest pages, allowing for precise content organisation. Using customisable building blocks, you can build your own pages as needed. This provides flexibility and creative freedom without needing our technical expertise for every small change.

At Leap forward, we’re also big fans of the live preview feature, which visualises real-time all changes that are made. This boosts collaboration between teams and speeds up content creation workflows.


3. Manage users and assets centrally

Craft CMS provides a robust system for managing user roles and access levels. Administrators can finetune permissions, granting specific groups control over various functions. Whether it’s creating, editing or publishing entries, the level of control is always in your hands.

But that’s not all: Craft CMS also takes the pain out of asset management. The in-built asset manager tool organises files effortlessly, making it simple for you to manage your media content. Images, videos, and documents can be seamlessly stored, accessed, and modified as needed. On-the-fly asset transformations like resizing, rotating or cropping are just a few clicks away.


4. Redefining content management & SEO

Craft CMS redefines content management. Their real-time previews lets you instantly view every change, while drafts are easily shared among teams, fostering collaboration and idea sharing.

What’s more, Craft CMS’s drag-and-drop interface further simplifies the content creation processes. Its modular approach allows our clients to customise their pages using intuitive building blocks.

This flexibility extends to managing multiple websites and language versions from a central hub. It’s more than just building a website: it's about creating a dynamic global digital presence.

Furthermore, Craft CMS plays nicely with your favourite SEO tools, amplifying content optimisation, improving visibility and driving traffic. Combine this with our in-house digital marketing expertise and we can help you unlock your full SEO potential.


5. A future-proof platform

Craft CMS is designed to evolve alongside your growing business. Whether you're planning to add a webshop or sync up with existing tools like Shopify, Craft CMS smoothly adapts to your growing demands.

To enhance your website’s functionality over time, we leverage the extensive plugin ecosystem of Craft CMS. These plugins seamlessly integrate with your business’ existing systems and tools, opening the doors for you to maximise the full potential of your digital strategy.

Moreover, Craft CMS offers a headless mode – separating content management from presentation – enabling us to choose the best front-end technology for your business. We can deliver the desired user experience for any site, whether it’s a lightning fast static website, or an engaging single page application.


Unleash the power of Craft CMS with Leap Forward

Craft CMS is a favourite among our team and our clients. If you decide to work with the platform under our guidance, you can expect a custom manual designed to guide you through every feature of your newly built website. We also offer a comprehensive demo session to ensure your content editor’s are fully up to speed.

Looking to build your digital presence? Craft CMS is the way to do it, and partnering with Leap Forward ensures you harness every ounce of its potential. Reach out today and let’s embark on this digital journey together.

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