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Front-end development

The front-end is the part of a website or application with which the user interacts, whether it’s on a watch, laptop, smartphone... It’s the place where information from the back-end is displayed and the user’s input is registered.

Front-end development is the visual layer of an application, where all interaction happens. It’s where your product lives, where technical data and beautiful design meet and your web application becomes functional. The front-end (FE) can be built with different technologies. Here at Leap Forward we prefer web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as they let us run applications on all devices for all types of users, improving accessibility.


Some benefits

Web technologies: Our front-end development works on various platforms and devices. We work with broadly supported frameworks like React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Laravel and ReactNative. This gives our clients a lot of options.

Accessibility: Also known as A11Y - we take a software agnostic approach, working with technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means you can run your applications on all devices, for all users. Even those with disabilities who use assistive technologies.

Structured content: Your website or application’s content is structured and can be indexed by search engines and content management systems, making your application easier to find.

Consistency: Thanks to the reusable code format, your digital product will have a consistent look, visual language, and overall user experience.

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