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UX design

UX design (or user experience design) is the process of designing user-friendly digital or physical products or solutions. UX design is not to be confused with UI design, which focuses on creating graphics, iconography, interfaces, and other visual design elements.

In UX design, we design in a human-centred way. That means we put the user first, from beginning to end of the design process. From user research and personal creation to wireframing and brainstorming, UX design is a service that lies at the core of what we stand for at Leap Forward: great customer experiences.


Some benefits

Better usability: Thanks to validation by the user early in the design process, your product or service will have higher usability or will be used more often.

Happy customers: Creating a product or service with the user front of mind will make for a better result and happier customers.

New ideas: Our co-creative approach in the UX design process helps generate new ideas from colleagues and clients.

Alignment: Getting everyone on the same page about a product or service and its functionalities is not always easy. In UX design, we take the needs of all stakeholders into account from the get-go.

Lower costs: Building a product or service can be a costly process, especially if you don’t do it properly from the start. Thanks to UX design, you don’t have to run the risk of creating a product nobody wants.

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