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Design system

A design system is your single source of truth - a collection of all elements a team needs to design, realise and develop a product.

A design system is a collection of reusable components that are consistent across all platforms. It leads to marketing that matches the product, which in turn results in brand consistency. Thanks to these recurring patterns and visuals across the product, the user’s interaction with it becomes intuitive. In this way, there’s less friction adaptation for new users, so brand awareness rises. The overall user experience improves and the product's value grows.


Some benefits

Efficiency: Instead of repeatedly building similar components from scratch, design systems let designers and developers reuse components, therefore increasing efficiency.

Consistency: Design systems introduce a shared set of principles and rules to build components with, so it’s a lot easier to create consistent experiences across different pages and platforms.

Scale: Increased efficiency and consistency allow companies to build products faster, at scale.

Alignment: A design system that responds to the needs of all platforms drives product alignment, so companies can be sure their product is consistent on iOS, Android and web.

Speed: Thanks to the shared library of reusable components, we can build products in a faster way.

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