April 13th, 2018

Opening our second studio in Kortrijk

Yesterday we opened our second office in Kortrijk. After growing steadily into a group of 32 talented experts over the past years in Ghent, we felt it was time to venture into new grounds. Since we have been doing a lot of business in the region of Kortrijk already, we‘re especially happy to start a second home here.

The new studio will act as self-sufficient story on it’s own, but will of course be closely connected to the full offering of our design and innovation group. This includes our strategic innovation services as well as research and the prototype-driven design workflow that we developed with our teams in Ghent.

A second home at Hangar K

Hangar K is a co-creation hub where startups, enterprise and academics are all present in one spot. With a focus on digital technology in manufacturing, healthcare, education and entertainment, this place promises to be a spot where innovators, entrepreneurs and experts meet on a daily basis.

We’re proud to sit in the heart of this activity in a fancy, shining new setup. We know: our studio still needs some interior refining, but we already feel the energy and excitement hanging around our new spot. :-)

A clear strategic focus for Kortrijk

Our first strategic focus for Kortrijk will consist of offering UX design, digital creation & new tech research. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of f.i. Virtual & Augmented Reality we can start from a solid knowledge base to help our customers create high quality immersive content.

Besides that we ‘ll also help startups get their product strategy straight and assist them in the design of every aspect of their business. We can delve deep into our existing talent pool of Ghent to include research, business design and service design in the way we approach these assignments.

The opening feast

Starting a new story, means celebrating it in style. And that’s just what we did last night! Because the official opening ceremony of Hangar K was taking place at the same time, there were a lot of people present to bring a first visit. Government, enterprise and just curious neighbours all dropped by to discover the vibe of this new hub in Kortrijk.

We brought a showreel and a VR game prototype for the occasion to show our first strategic commitments to the audience.

Looking for extra talent

Starting a new studio means we‘re also on the lookout for extra talent for our team in Kortrijk. So make sure to take a look at our career page to see if you (or someone you know) might be interested in joining us. We look forward to get in touch!

It feels great to kickstart this new adventure together with our team. We‘ll keep you posted about the work, events and collaborations we set up in Kortrijk over the coming months. Make sure to pay us a visit if you stop by in the city. Delicious coffee will be waiting for you!

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Dave Van de Maele

Managing Partner

Passionate about innovation, design & new technology. I enjoy getting things done with people. Never stop learning.