March 08th, 2019

Meet our new Leap Forward interns

Intern season kicked off! And we're very thrilled to welcome new talent at our Ghent offices. In order to welcome these design and innovation enthusiasts in a proper way, we'd like to introduce them to you by their expertises and funny quirks. May we present to you: our visual storytellers, service designer and digital product designers!

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The Visual Storytellers

Joan Dumez

Joan Dumez is a Howest DAE student and joins the Once team within Leap Forward. She would pick Photoshop above Sketch, is a fan of flat design and her hidden talent is taking pictures of cats. She would rather give up her computer than giving up her pets. Joan prefers to be reborn one day in the past and meeting an alien visitor would suit her well as well. She lives by "Go with the flow".

Viktor Vandamme

Viktor is a Howest Devine student and another new addition to the Once team. He considers himself as an evening person, loves hiking and canyoning and wouldn't say no to a trip out of space. One of his major bucket list items is to trail the Machu Picchu. If he would be reborn, he'd prefer the future. His favorite dish is choucroute, no joke! He loves to illustrate and his goal is to try out new or different styles.

Let's say, two perfect additions to our crazy team of storytellers.

The Service Designer

Yannick Vercruysse

Yannick is also a Howest Devine student and is very passionate about Digital Product Design and Service Design. For his internship he chose to join the Knight Moves team. He would rather be invisible than being able to read minds, loves to be the funniest in the room and wouldn't be able to live without Netflix. He loves to conduct qualitative research and gets energy by finding the right solution for the right job.

We're sure there's a match in the making with our service designers.

The Digital Product Designers

Annabel De Pourcq

Annabel switched Architecture for Design and Digital Development (Devine) and is a proud intern at the Little Miss Robot team. She's a real morning person and would never give up her computer (bye bye pet!). Sketch, android and skeuomorphic design are her favorites. If she would get a role in a TV show, it would be Stranger things. Annabel doesn't share, she'll eat a chocolate bar all by herself at once. Annabel is thrilled to learn everything about code during her internship.

Sjouwke Van Parys

Combining her studies Devine with self-employment, she's now interning at Leap Forward. Android, Sketch and flat design are her favorites. She would rather find 10 million dollars than true love. She picks Spotify over Netflix and mayo over Ketchup. Crosswords are her guilty pleasure and her mojo is: "with perseverance the snail will get to the ark".

As true believers of the code, they'll fit fine with our designers and developers.

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Grietje Vermoortele

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