April 23rd, 2019

Leap Forward joins forces with Wonderland

At the time of this writing, Leap Forward is a closely knit team of 30+ designers on a mission to deliver breakthrough products, services & experiences to our clients and their customers in a consistent way.

Leap Forward already has a strong foundation in applying Design Thinking to innovate on products, services & experiences with the merge of Little Miss Robot & Knight Moves early 2017 and the launch of Once Storytelling mid 2017. Early 2018 we chose to ’tie the knot’ with Wonderland - a pioneering business design studio in Belgium that helps organizations to explore & validate new business ideas.

With the business designers and strategists from Wonderland joining our teams we’re now able to go beyond products, services & experiences. We can now help organisations on a more fundamental, organizational level. We set up structures & programmes to help our clients innovate consistently, support them in their digital transformation challenges, and build a company culture fit for a fast-changing world.


Multidisciplinary teams win

Our experience in building design teams taught us that most of our designers love to become deep experts in their field. All within the broad context of design, be it user research, group facilitation, service design, user experience design, user interface design, illustration & animation, or prototyping with new technologies. On the other hand, our business designers naturally lean more towards connecting the dots. They are driven by more strategic projects or transformation programs.

Experience of the last few years showed us that this gap between strategy & execution is best bridged when these teams work together as one multidisciplinary team. That’s why we have decided to make these collaborations a fundamental part of our strategy, and merge the Wonderland team with Leap Forward!

The future of Leap Forward

1. On a mission to co-create a better future

’To remain relevant in the future, organizations need to become more people-focused'

We are working hard to become the first human-centered design agency in Belgium. We can truly help our clients become more people-focused, so they can get ready for a human-driven, digital future, strategy to implementation, end-to-end.

That’s why we want to become a strategic design partner for our clients. To help them humanize their service offering, how they interact with their customers & coworkers, and how it all can be facilitated by technology.

2. Working together to form the biggest team of designers in Belgium

We’re proud to already be working with a super talented team of creatives, designers, technologists & strategists. And since co-creation is our strong suit, we have developed strong partnerships with other design and technology teams in virtually any area. This allows us to tackle innovation challenges, both large & small and within various industries.

Check out some of our work at our cases section!

3. Help build the design & innovation community

To make good on our brand promise we are also working hard to help build the design & innovation community in Belgium. So we can keep on leading innovation - by design. If you’re interested to join one of our community initiatives check out:

Product Design Meetup - Digital product design meetup, hosted by Little Miss Robot

ARENA - Service Design event, hosted by Knight Moves

Service Design Podcast - Podcast by Stina and David, two service design guru's at Leap Forward


4. Knowledge transfer

We aim to help our clients in the most sustainable way and often that requires the transfer of our own knowledge and expertise to our client teams. We started Leap Forward Academy to support this knowledge transfer as effectively and efficiently as we can. We have a service design and business design training coming up, discover them here.

Check out the Leap Forward Academy trainings we've planned. In the next months we have a service design and business design two-day crash course planned.

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Davino Van Hal

(Previously) Partner in Wonderland and now Lead Strategy for leapFORWARD. Passionate about unlocking people's entrepreneurial potential.