December 03rd, 2018

How we helped Flanders with woningpas, from concept to finished product.

Today woningpas (translation: property passport) was officially launched by ministers Bart Tommelein and Joke Schauvliege. This digital platform contains all relevant information of every home in Flanders. Owners can find and manage useful data about inspections, certificates and, in a later stage, permits as well. For the whole process, from the initial concept to the ultimate development of woningpas, the four Flemish entities in charge of the project chose LeapFORWARD as their design and innovation partner.

Buying, selling or managing a house or apartment always comes with a lot of paperwork. Up until now all information was decentralized across a number of Flemish organizations. In order to make all relevant information centrally available for all citizens, the Flemish Energy Agency, the Flemish Environmental Department, the Flemish Public Waste Agency and Housing Flanders opted for an all-in-one digital solution. Important questions that arose were: ‘What information should be available on this platform?’ and ‘What should it look like?’. In order to find the right answers and get the project up and running, these Flemish entities collaborated with the LeapFORWARD Group.

Through citizen participation from concept to implementation

Three ministers and four entities. Our first challenge was to align all different visions concerning the requirements and to define the concept of the woningpas. In a co-creation trajectory, using service design techniques, we tested the real needs of the end user, the citizen. These insights were combined with the visions of all stakeholders. Important requirements of the woningpas were that it should be accessible to all civilians and should also encourage an ecological and long-term mindset.

After this first phase it was time to translate the insights from both the user research and the co-creation workshops into a visual concept. After many iterations, each time thoroughly coordinated with end users and stakeholders, the woningpas was also completely built. This was done with partner A.C.A. who was responsible for the integration of the underlying systems.

A digital and futureproof platform

Woningpas centralizes useful information about a specific house or apartment. This information is now digitally accessible for everybody. During the whole project, the long term vision was put top-of-mind. This is noticeable through the focus on energy (including EPC and insulation), environment, management of installations, ... And also for people who want to renovate or sell their house, the woningpas will soon add a lot of relevant information and a clear step-by-step plan. Also in the near future more and more certificates and possibilities will be added. You will also be able to share certificates and information with others or give them access to your woningpas. This is useful for your construction partners, prospective buyers or tenants, your notary or broker.

Discover woningpas.

Digital transformation by LeapFORWARD

Woningpas is a signature case for LeapFORWARD. This design and innovation group contains teams in various expertises as strategy, service design, digital product design and storytelling. This enables the company to execute full digital transformation trajectories from concept to implementation completely inhouse, and always with the enduser top of mind.

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David Morgan

Service Design Architect

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