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Co-creating the public services of the future

Governments hold both the possibilities and responsibility to change the status quo. We 've been partnering with public innovators for many years to innovate and design the way service is delivered to civilians.

Work & Social Economy - Customer-centric strategy

Expectations of customers are changing, we’ve gotten used to innovative digital services with instant feedback and real-time interaction. How does a large complex governmental institution that just tripled in manpower deal with this? How can they shift their focus towards delivering better services to their customers every day together with the whole organisation? We helped the leadership team of DWSE find answers to these questions.

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Muntpunt - Designing a state of the art library experience

During schools exam period, Muntpunt notices a high peak in visitor amounts, especially in the number of students. In these periods high schoolers, college and university students are frequently visiting the library to study. Currently, there’s a reservation system, but it only allows to make a reservation a few study spaces. For the other seats the rule of ‘first come first served’ applies. Today, this system doesn’t meet the expectations of the team. That’s why the goal for this project was to design a better comprehensive and modern system.

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What we wrote about Public Services

    How we helped Flanders with woningpas, from concept to finished product.

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    And the rest is implementation…

    Implementation of services at the ground floor of organisations is not a merely administrative follow-up of the design process. Let's look into the pivotal role of first line staff and how to take them into account successfully in service design.

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    Why do you need a framework for innovation?

    Over the last years we‘ve worked together with a lot of teams - public, corporate and startup - on challenging innovation & transformation projects. In this blog post we share our learnings and how we discovered an integrated framework for innovation along the way.

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    Sneaking Service Design into large organisations

    Read all about our talk at the Globale Service Design Conference 2017. Top insights on how to spark interest, show impacts and go viral with service design processes in your organisation.​

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    Change Management is now Service Design

    More than any other method, service design uses human interaction as a starting point to make progress and create solutions. Read all about how we approach change in our projects.

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    We define, test and implement innovation strategies. And we get breakthrough products, services and experiences to market. Fast.

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