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Brand Strategy workshop

When it comes to conceptualising, developing and perfecting the identity of a brand through co-creation, we have plenty of experience under our belts. During our flexible branding workshop, our team guides you through the process of selecting distinctive brand values, perfecting them through mood boarding exercises and ensuring that your new brand identity jives with your real users.

Developing a brand identity – a combination of brand values and tangible aspects like visuals – isn’t an easy exercise. To get it right, you have to include input from many stakeholders, including your audience. You must also ensure that your brand describes who you are (and who you want to be) in a unique way that differentiates you from your competitors and attracts your ideal customers.

Co-create your brand identity

How does a branding workshop work?

  • During this initial step, we explore how your users perceive your company vs. how they perceive your branding. This research can include quantitative and/or qualitative surveys, whose insights feed into and direct the next step.

    Brand perception
  • This is the moment when we guide your team in defining your brand values based on a series of hands-on exercises and user input in three steps. By challenging you to think differently and collaborate in-depth, we help you develop 3 to 5 values.

    Brand values
  • This pillar focuses on the visual aspects of your new brand. Designing a great brand identity requires an excellent design briefing, which is the main goal of this part of the branding workshop. Mood boarding is a core element of this exercise.

    Design Briefing
  • Once you’ve selected your values and developed your visual identity, it’s time to get to work creating tangible branding assets (such as a website or an app) based on them. This may also include an optional user test of your branding with members of your audience.

    Brand design

Who is it for?

From small start-ups and growth companies to large enterprises and even government agencies and municipalities: we’ve run branding workshops for them all. We can deliver the workshop as a standalone exercise to help you take your branding to the next level, but it can also be an integrated part of a broader rebranding project.

Co-create your brand identity

The benefits of a branding workshop

  • Ensure that your branding is customer centric (not just the brainchild of your leadership team).

  • Achieve strong, relevant, and often surprising outcomes with our co-creative approach involving our team and yours in collaboration.

  • Gain future-proof branding with a partner that challenges you and understands your business and its goals.

  • Count on branding that scales, as it's backed by unique brand values that resonate with your customers and the members of your team.