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A usertest is the perfect method to connect clients & end users and comes in all shapes and sizes. From fast guerrilla testing to iterative & qualitative usability testing.

At Leap Forward, we're huge fans of usertesting: not only are we gaining valuable insights from the end users, our client sees firsthand how important the end user is to the process.

A usertest is a great method to see your product through the eyes of your users. Ever wondered why they don't scroll on your homepage or click on your shiny new CTA? During a usertest we'll sit together with real users and find real answers to all these questions.

Test your website with real users

How does a usertest work?

  • In order to capture valuable insights during the usertest, we need to test your product or service with the right people.
    So, our first step is to recruit & contact up to 5 participants for your usertest.

    These participants can be existing customers who already know your product, potential customers whose opinion might be very valuable to your company or even a more general set of users that meet a few predefined criteria.

    Do you want to test your product with techsavy entrepeneurs who enjoy expensive restaurants or are you looking for feedback from elderly people who love to travel? No problem, we've got you covered.

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  • During the usertest we'll take about 1 hour for each of the participants to go through your website or application. In order to ask the right questions and test the most important hypothesises we'll sit together with your team and create a scenario for the usertest.

    This scenario defines the userflows we want to test and makes sure we'll be asking the right questions at the right time.

  • We invite users to our usability lab or conduct your usertest remotely. We guide the participants through the scenarios and ask them to tell about their experience. We also livestream and record the whole test, so your team can easily follow along and experience how a user interacts with your product or website. A real eyeopener.

    Your usertest will be conducted by a professional interviewer, while one of our UX/UI designers is following along behind the scenes to collect all the feedback, pain points and opportunities.

  • To wrap things up, we collect all the feedback we've gathered during the usertest into 1 easy to digest presentation.

    We'll present our learnings & advice to your team and discuss which next steps we can make to make your product or website even better!

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Who is it for?

Usertesting is for any team or organisation big or small, from startup to multinational, as long as you have existing or future services or products that could use a value check-up.

The teams that usually join us are corporate innovation teams, startup and scale-up teams, digital or product design teams, and corporate strategy teams.

Due to the flexible nature of a usertest we can test almost anything: from really specific userflows in your application to the landingspage of your new marketing website. Anything goes.

Test your product or website with real users

A few of our clients who love usertesting

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  • Bebat
  • Teamleader
  • CA
  • Antwerpen
  • Belfius
  • Roularta
  • Vdab


Priorities: Discover the most crucial pain-points of your product and prioritise what to tackle first based on real user needs.

Empathy: Create user empathy throughout your whole team by live-streaming the usertest

Certainty: Reduce the risk of creating a service or product nobody wants by usertesting it before the first line of code is even written.

Smooth decision-making: User research makes building products easier. But it’s also a great way to stop guessing, make the right decisions based on real data, and create a successful user experience.

Accessibility: Thanks to our focus on accessibility, we can also help you build easy-to-use, accessible products and services that reduce high overhead cost to manage problems.