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Usability testing

Usability testing refers to iterative user testing throughout an entire service or product design process. We let users test the service or product before it’s finished and continue gathering their feedback while tweaking it. Usability testing happens in all stages of the process: from concept to prototype to live product.

We invite users to our usability lab and let them test the product. We define a few user scenarios before they arrive, and then go through them together. When creating these scenarios, we pick the most important pain points that we want to tackle. We also livestream the whole test for your team, so everyone can see the direct impact a particular scenario has on the user.


Some benefits

Priorities: Discover the most crucial pain-points of your product and prioritise what to tackle first based on real user needs.

Empathy: Create user empathy throughout your whole team by live-streaming the user testing session.

Certainty: Reduce the risk of creating a service or product nobody wants by user-testing it before the first line of code is even written.

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