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Design sprint

The design sprint format is built to align your team and quickly create a product or service your customers actually care about. Every day of the sprint is timeboxed to the minute, enabling you and your team to go from idea to prototype in just 4 days.

Whether you’re a startup, scale-up, or multinational, we’ve all experienced what happens when great ideas or complex business challenges need to be solved: deadlines get pushed and time ticks away as you search for the perfect solution and try to take all obstacles into account. Our format enables you to do months of work in less than a week.

The idea is simple. You start with a challenge and, with the help of our experts, end up with a validated prototype.

Excited to see what you can accomplish ?

Here’s how our design sprint works

  • On the first day we focus on defining the challenge and putting ourselves in the shoes of all stakeholders or users.

    Once the shared goal and understanding is set, it’s time to think of and define tons of different ideas - from conservative to completely disruptive solutions.

  • On the second day it’s decision time: which solution(s) are we going to push forward in our sprint and why?

    Once our focus is set we start sketching, clarify the to-be customer journey, and decide which assumptions we want to tackle in the user tests.

  • Our prototypers work out the new solution and create concept visuals alongside a high-fidelity prototype or pitch, depending on who your customer is.

    We take into account any and all assumptions we want to test to make sure we (in)validate the most critical elements of our new idea or business strategy. Since this is our specialty, it's not mandatory for the client team to join, but they're always welcome if they want to.

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  • How will potential customers or other stakeholders react to our new product, service, or strategy?

    On the last day we invite users, key decision-makers, and partners as an objective validation point. During the testing we study how people react and get clear insights on where to go after the design sprint. At the end of the day we plan the next steps you can take.

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Why do it?

Validation: Get early validation on an idea before a product is built.

Strategy: To define or refine your corporate strategy with your core team.

Get finance: (Corporate) startups looking for financing can align their team & tangible prototype towards investors.

Improvement: Drastically improve elements of an existing product.

New ideas: Step away from day to day business and get stuff done in a new environment.

Alignment: Align a team towards tangible ideas.

Who is it for?

A design sprint can be useful for any team or organisation, big or small, from startup to multinational. As long as you have a complex business challenge that you don’t want to invest months of time on, a design sprint is for you.

The teams that usually join us are corporate innovation teams, startup and scale-up teams, digital or product design teams, and corporate strategy teams.

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Excited to see what you can accomplish in four days?

Our facilitators

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  • Stina