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Accessibility means making it possible for the widest possible audience to reach, enter, and use a system or entity like a building or application.

The accessibility or A11y of an entity is the ability to be reached by a wide audience with ease. It’s important in both product and service design, and is the result of thorough user research and usability testing. The wide audience includes deaf, blind, and physically or mentally disabled people but also those who are less Internet-savvy or have bad screen visibility for a period of time.


Some benefits

Human: Making your product or service more accessible is a benefit in and of itself because you focus on the users and their desires and problems. People who’d need assistance can now use what you offer independently. This is important for tools or services that support obligatory tasks like tax declarations.

UX: Accessibility leads to better user experience because a wide audience is able to use the product or service with ease.

Conversion: If a large audience can use your product or service, you also increase conversions because there are less obstacles in their user experience.

SEO: Search engines like Google care about the accessibility of your service and product. The better your SEO, the better your conversions.

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