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Accessibility audit

How inclusive is your product or service? In an accessibility audit our experts evaluate how well you're answering the needs of web users with disabilities or outdated devices.

Excited to see what you can accomplish ?

How does an accessibility audit work?

We use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a benchmark for your extensive accessibility audit.

To do so, we thoroughly check your product with both specialised automated tools and manual inspection. Once we've checked everything, we create a report with points of improvement to become WCAG-compliant. If applicable we'll also describe which parts of your content aren't accessible and why.

A list of action points is included in the report and we'll use them to improve your design or optimise the website technically. To do that we'll do user tests as they are the best way to explore how accessible your website really is.

We'll test the improved website over 2 days with about 12 individual users who use assistive software to help with their disabilities. Before starting with the user tests we outline various scenarios to explore the most important parts of the website in a realistic way.

After the user tests we follow-up with a report including final action points.


Why do it?

Inclusivity: Improve your website - make it more accessible to attract a larger diversity of clients.

Validation by experts: To get a proper understanding of just how accessible your current platforms are, and how this affects different individuals.

Improvement: Drastically improve elements of an existing product

Alignment: Align a team towards tangible ideas

Who is it for?

An accessibility audit is for any team or organisation, big or small, from startup to multinational, as long as you have a website or service that needs to be inclusive and accessible for everyone. We often work with larger multinational, government, and non-profit organisations on accessibility audits.

The teams that usually join us are corporate Innovation teams, startup and scale-up teams, digital or product design teams, and corporate strategy teams.

Test your product or website with real users