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Your UX design partner

From user research and personal creation to wire framing and brainstorming, UX design is a service that lies at the core of what we stand for at Leap Forward: great customer experiences.

We crafted UX-experiences for:

  • Nike logo
  • Teamleader
  • Bebat
  • Roularta
  • Vdab

Our UX Design pillars

  • UX design is impossible without knowing your users. Through both quantitative & qualitative research, we aim to fully understand the user and their preferences.

    analytics 2
  • Experience taught us that complex design challenges can’t and shouldn’t be solved by one designer. Workshop-based co-creation involving every stakeholder, is essential to our approach.

    Zedelgem 2
  • For new products or big overhauls, setting up a design sprint is an absolute must. Through a packed 4 or 5 day-process, we evolve a rough concept to a well-defined & designed end result.

    Branding workshop creation 3
  • Intuition and data can get you going. But to create great experiences, you'll need to put your concept through its paces. User tests are an essential step to confirm your design decisions.


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