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Compare your digital presence with industry leaders to identify areas of improvement.

Businesses must stay on their toes in today's fast-paced digital environment. Benchmarking allows you to compare your digital strategy against industry leaders or competitors, providing essential insights for improvement.

It's the key to understanding your position in the marketplace and working out how to gain (or maintain) your competitive edge.


How does the benchmarking process work?

At Leap Forward, we simplify the benchmarking process for you. We’ll help uncover key insights so that you can focus on what truly matters: your company’s growth.

Here’s how we make it happen.

First, we find the perfect benchmarks for your company, working with your team to determine which competitors or industry leaders you’d like to benchmark your business against.

Next, we define how you’d like to compare yourself. We help you work out which aspects of your competitors’/industry leaders’ businesses you’d like to replicate and which you can ignore for the time being.

Then, we do the work to get your business to that level. We don't stop at telling you where you stand—we show you where you can go and how to get there.

Why invest in benchmarking services?

In this dynamic and ever-shifting landscape, you must keep up with what industry leaders are doing so you can mimic what’s working for them within your business.

Partner with Leap Forward to gain a deep, data-driven understanding of where you are, where you should be, and most importantly, how to get there. By comparing your current performance with the best in the industry, we’ll provide a step-by-step path to growing your digital presence.

Let’s work together to make your digital strategy a force to be reckoned with.

Gain better insights into your products and services