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Adding experience design to the equation

We live in an experience economy, where doing something for someone isn't enough. Today, consumers have a plethora of choices and experiences to choose from. We help your organisation shine amongst the competition.

Ridley - Smart Bike Experience

We live in an age of streams. Our music, content, movies and social interactions are available on demand to enrich our experiences throughout the day. Thanks to the 'Internet of Things', soon objects will become streams as well. Capturing data and giving feedback, allowing for all new kinds of interactions. Ridley is using these technological possibilities to build an entirely new type of smart bike. We helped them to define the experience design and build exciting services around it.

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Opsoro - Crowdfunding campaign

Opsoro is on the brink of releasing their first product line onto the world: a plug-and-play social robot building kit. Like many new, young and dynamic companies, Opsoro wants to launch their product through a crowdfunding campaign. This allows them to connect directly to their target audience, whilst simultaneously building up the Opsoro community. We helped them in the creation of all the crucial ingredients for a successfull campaign.

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Ecofood - Getting the story across

Affordable, honest local ingredients from farmers that get real opportunities to build a sustainable way of working. Avani is on a mission to change the food industry forever. To get their message out there, we were asked to create a short movie that focuses on the problem we as a society face today as well as the unique solution Avani offers.

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Journey For Elysium - VR Storytelling Experience

have to pave their way on an old rowboat through an epic version of the mythological underworld. On their way players will have to overcome a number of obstacles, puzzles, monsters and challenges.

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Muntpunt - Designing a state of the art library experience

During schools exam period, Muntpunt notices a high peak in visitor amounts, especially in the number of students. In these periods high schoolers, college and university students are frequently visiting the library to study. Currently, there’s a reservation system, but it only allows to make a reservation a few study spaces. For the other seats the rule of ‘first come first served’ applies. Today, this system doesn’t meet the expectations of the team. That’s why the goal for this project was to design a better comprehensive and modern system.

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UNHCR - Songs for the crossing

Songs for the Crossing is a world premiere of composer Jeroen D'Hoe, based on the award-winning poems by Stefan Hertmans about people on the run during World War I. At the same time 'the crossing' is a metaphor for the current refugee migration. UNHCR approached us to create a video projection on the meter-high façade of the historic Flagey building in the heart of Brussels to call attention to fundamental values such as tolerance and solidarity with refugees.

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What we wrote about Experience Design

    Artificial Intelligence in Service Design

    Technology is more than ever impacting our daily lives. Services are fundamentally shifting from mere human-to-human contact towards a mix of technological and human interaction. Designers should already take this evolution into account when creating future experiences. In this think-piece we will spotlight artificial intelligence, its accompanying design hurdles and how to overcome them.

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      How we improved the donation experience of Oxfam Pakt Uit

      This year we took on a challenge for Oxfam Solidariteit. We helped them to improve the donation experience of their "Oxfam pakt uit" (translation "Oxfam unboxing") initiative. We hope that with our help, more people will be giving a present with impact.

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      Service Design Global Conference 2018 - Dublin

      Knight Moves went to Dublin for the Service Design Global conference. Read what they learned from the speakers and hands-on workshops!

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      Opening our second studio in Kortrijk

      Yesterday we opened a second office in Kortrijk. After growing steadily stronger over the past years in Ghent, we felt it was time to venture into new grounds. Read all about it here!

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      What we learned after playing around with ARkit for a week

      When Apple announced ARKit earlier this year, the writing was on the wall that AR might be on the verge of blowing up into the mainstream. We put the software to the test to see if it is really living up to the hype.

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      Unveiling the secrets of Microsoft Hololens

      At LeapForward, we consider staying on top of the latest technological advances to be of crucial importance if we want to continue to offer our clients the best solutions for their digital product design needs.

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      VR Days Europe

      In the end of October we visited the VR Days Europe conference, a 3-day celebration of Virtual and Augmented content, creativity and innovation. These are our take aways!

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      The making of Journey For Elysium: A VR Experience: Part 1

      Read all about the making of Journey For Elysium. A VR storytelling experience we are building from the ground up at our studio!

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      Fix It Friday

      Every two months on Friday afternoon we clear our schedules and take the time to fix things.

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