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Concept art

Taking an idea from the written page to illustrated visuals, that’s where concept art comes in. It’s that first exciting glance at how a finished project might look. It lays the foundation for your marketing campaign, web design, animation, event, or product.

Using illustration and photo manipulation we visually explore concepts to produce inspiring imagery, which becomes the basis for future design, web, or animation work. Traditionally used in film to visualise key elements and guide the production team, concept art has become a useful tool for all sorts of projects that involve strong visual elements, making them more tangible and real for all stakeholders. Concept art helps build momentum and get everyone on the same page so we can move forward together with a shared vision.


Some benefits

Foundation: Beyond first written drafts and outlines of a project, concept art gives a visual baseline for everything that follows. It sets a tone and style that strongly informs the rest of the design work.

Alignment: Concept art is an excellent tool for ensuring everyone shares a similar vision of where a project is heading early on in the process. Words often fail to capture what a picture communicates effortlessly, so creating and agreeing on concept art can be a revealing process and save a lot of confusion later down the line.

Impact: When growing a project and trying to get partners or consumers excited about it, a beautifully crafted image is much more powerful than a few paragraphs of text. Adding concept art to a project makes it more tangible, exciting, and engaging for everyone involved.

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