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Explainer videos

An exceptional modern tool for presenting the what, how, and why of your latest product or service with maximum impact. Explainer videos are great marketing tools designed to resolve confusion, spread awareness and sell your company to the world.

Within the realm of motion, explainer videos are a very popular item - an adaptable video marketing tool that’s beneficial to just about any business in operation, and offers a great return-on-investment too. They excel at engaging audiences, spreading awareness, and presenting a clear, easy-to-understand outline on your latest product, service, or brand development.

We can help you tell your story

What’s our process?

  • - As with most any track, our first step is a kick-off meeting to define the scope of the project.

    - Visual moodboards are gathered and discussed in order to set an appropriate visual style for the film.

    - Decisions concerning length, timing, languages, music and voice-over are made very early on as they play a vital role in shaping the project.

    The goal here is to align all stakeholders and create a shared vision for the entire track and final product.

    Illustration 01 loop
  • - A script can be provided by clients or created by our team. Either way we discuss the script in detail to get it 100% approved before moving forward.

    - We come up with an animation style suitable for the project. This can be a collection of shots or an other video as an example. If the client wants a certain style then this step can be left out.

    - To have a visual guideluine of the general look of the video, we create styleframes. These are still images of certain scenes to show the visual style of the video.

    Illustration 03 loop
  • - Storyboarding is the process of drawing out the film scene by scene in a rough format to show the flow of images and the intended layout of each shot.

    - Every important detail is drawn out, to match it with the existing script.

    - A rough cut can be made, where we animate the stoyboard on music (and a voice-over), so there is a general feel of the length and speed of the video.

    Illustration 02 loop
  • - We edit together all assets into a coherent prouct based on the storyboards and script.

    - We add in audio and visual effects where needed to bring the footage to life and engage audiences.

    - Once the first complete render is done, we send it off for feedback and iterate as needed to get a final product everyone is happy with.

    Final step - rendering out specific formats for use on social media, online, and

    Illustration 04 loop

Explainer videos do it better

A better story: Motion can bring stories to life and capture complex ideas easily.

A larger audience: Video attract larger audiences and keeps their attention for longer.

A greater return: Video campaigns have higher conversion rates and greater success.


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