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Service design training 2024

Sometimes delivering successful services means changing the way you work. In this two-day training, given in Dutch, you'll get the tools and knowledge to implement successful services over time.

In this training we'll build the necessary foundation to implement key service design principles in your organisation. Both theoretical aspects and hands-on experience will be covered by using a series of methods and techniques for service design designed to help your organisation offer qualitative end-to-end services.

Join our next training on September 25th & 26th, 2024 [Dutch training]

What can you expect?

  • A first meeting with the basic principles and theory of service design

    We map out your target audience. To do this, we co-create a research plan and stakeholder map.

    To get a better idea of the needs and desires of your end-user, we do qualitative research and user research.

    and customer journeys are the perfect way to gain clarity about your target audience, their experience with a service, the problems they encounter, and the opportunities for your organisation. We map everything out.

    Service design training prototyping
  • We start the day with an idea generation session. With a strong cup of coffee in our hands, we'll be thinking about new services that could meet your target audience's needs.

    We make your solutions tangible by creating prototypes. In this way, we can validate ideas quickly and iterate on and improve those first concepts.

    Together, we translate those concepts to service blueprints in which we develop the back-office of your concepts.

    We end our training with concrete tips to improve your services' quality long-term.

    Service design training journey

Practical information

This training will be given in Dutch by Knight Moves, our passionate service design professionals with experience in many different industries.

We like to offer a tailored approach, that's why we only allow 12 participants per training.

Who will benefit from this training?

This is an introduction to service design, meant for project managers, analysts, innovation managers, designers, change managers... who:

- want to get a better understanding of your customer's wants and needs.
- would like to make their existing service more customer-centric.
- want to introduce a human-centred way of working in their organisation.

Aside from our service design training, we also organise trainings for companies and teams. For more information, send an email to


We believe it is important that this training is accessible to a diverse audience, which is why we have a flexible pricing model. In this way, we hope to give more people the opportunity to take this course. Please feel free to send an email to enquire which price applies to you.

Are you paying for the training yourself?
  • Standard: €600 (including VAT)
  • Are you a student: €300 (including VAT)
Is your employer paying for the training?
  • Standard: €1200 (Excluding 21% VAT)
  • Do you work for a small non-profit organisation: €600 (Excluding 21% VAT)


We partnered up with KMO-portefeuille,which means that as a small business, you'll receive a 30% discount on this training, and as a medium-sized enterprise, you'll receive a 20% discount. You can find more information here.More information here.

Your facilitators

  • Marie
  • Karen