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Ideation is an essential part of the design process. It's the critical stage of generating ideas and solutions through brainstorming, brainwriting, sketches, prototypes, and other ideation techniques. It's is also the third phase in the design thinking process.

In the ideation phase, our aim is to generate a large number of ideas that the team can then filter, picking out the most practical or innovative ones to inspire new and better solutions, products or services.


Some benefits

Focus: In an ideation session, you can focus on a specific topic or target group. The right questions allow you to innovate while keeping your users, their needs, and your insights about them front of mind.

Getting creative: Ideation is a great way to get beyond the obvious solutions and increase the innovation potential of your solution. It also helps to merge perspectives and to uncover your team's strengths in unexpected areas.

More and better ideas: An ideation phase is the perfect moment to go wild and get all your crazy ideas on paper. They can inspire your colleagues and end up as real products, services or experiences.

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