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Every successful business communicates effectively with their audience. They use the right tone of voice that resonates with their customers and persuades them to choose for their products or services. To make this possible, you’ll need good copywriting.


The right tone of voice

Using the right tone of voice in your organisation’s communication is crucial to connect with your audience. It's also a reflection of your brand and your values. Therefore, it has to be consistent through all of your communication.

Together, we identify your tone of voice and finetune it until it’s crystal clear and supported throughout your organisation. This is the first step for a successful copywriting track.

Words that inspire

Good copy has to be engaging, inspiring and compelling. You’ll want to convince your potential new customers that your product or service is the right fit for them. Therefore, you’ll have to communicate in a way that they relate to.

Whether it’s a webpage, a Google Ad, a social media post or a mobile application, you’ll want your customers to take action. You’ll want to use words that sell or, at least, inspire.

At Leap Forward, we take it step by step. Writing copy for whole websites, large social media campaigns and so on, can be a time-consuming process. That’s why we prefer working in small batches of copy to get feedback early on, as to not waste time and resources.

Words that stand out

Effective copywriting can support your SEO strategy and fill your website with understandable content that makes visitors stay. That way, you’ll boost the user experience of your audience.

In conclusion, good copywriting brings your (digital) marketing to the next level and makes your business stand out from your competitors. And we can help you with that.

Some benefits

Impact: convince new and old customers of your product or service with words that stick and create impact with your communication.

More digital revenue: write landing pages that sell, forms that convert and ads that inspire.

Brand awareness: using a consistent tone of voice in your brand’s communication will create recognizability for your brand.

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