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Client interviews

Client interviews (i.e. user research) are the cornerstone of successful marketing. Interacting directly with your clients helps you learn what they think of your brand and provides a roadmap for how to optimise your marketing and communication strategy.

However, that’s not all. Client interviews minimise the risk of launching products or services that fail to resonate with your audience, while fostering a user-centric culture within your organisation. They equip your team with the knowledge to make informed decisions that prioritise the user's perspective over assumptions and gut feelings.


Step 1: Setting user research objectives

User research will have a huge impact on your organisation. However, you must tailor user surveys to specific objectives. Are you looking to test the market for a new product, enhance the user experience of your website, or gain a deeper understanding of perceptions surrounding your brand? The objective determines the survey’s design.

For this reason, it's crucial to set clear goals and select methods suited to achieving them. Whether you aim to measure customer satisfaction with your website or understand the usability of your product, Leap Forward can design the research strategy to fit your needs.

Step 2: Gathering meaningful data from your target audience

We leverage a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods to paint a holistic picture of your audience.

Qualitative techniques such as interviews, observations, user tests, and focus groups allow us to delve into your users' experiences and uncover their challenges. Meanwhile, quantitative methods like surveys, web analytics, and A/B testing provide key statistical insights.

Whatever the approach, we always start from your specific target group and objectives. This enables us to gather relevant participants and valuable customer feedback, resulting in meaningful, actionable results.

Step 3: Analysing and communicating insights

Throughout the user research process, we keep you updated with regular, clear reports that go beyond mere numbers and figures. We focus on providing clear insights that illuminate your users’ experiences. Then, we develop action plans based on our findings to inform your marketing and product strategies.

Client interviews are more than just a tool for user research. They are integral to building a user-centric culture, creating effective marketing strategies, and driving product development. Partner with Leap Forward to conduct client interviews and grow your business while delighting customers.