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Value discovery

Are you planning on launching a new service but not sure how much demand is really out there? Or do you want to review an existing service or experience to see if it still meets customer or business needs? Then our value discovery track can help you out.

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How does a value discovery track work?

We start by gaining an understanding of the project and defining which research methods are most suitable. Which service or experience is key? Who are the end-users and who are the main stakeholders in the project?

To discover the pain points, priorities, and value in your new or existing service, we use a human-centred approach that combines co-creation and (user) research.

The value discovery track is concluded with a (validated) concept and roadmap.

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Why do it?

Desirability: Discover if your product or service fits emerging customer expectations.

Human-centred: A winning combination of co-creation workshops and user research.

Validated concept: User research will show the pain points and priorities in your existing or future product or service.

Roadmap: We translate the validated concept in a product roadmap.

Who is it for?

A value discovery track is for any team or organisation big or small, from startup to multinational, as long as you have existing or future services or products that could use a value check-up.

The teams that usually join us are corporate innovation teams, startup and scale-up teams, digital or product design teams, and corporate strategy teams.

Test your product or website with real users