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Customer experience audit

Are your business goals aligned with the actual needs of your customers? If you want to improve your website, product, or service and reap the rewards, it's no use tweaking them without being well informed.

Our customer experience audit - CX audit - reveals the biggest problems on your website, product, or service based on fact. It's a summary of insights and recommendations that will improve your usability and user experience (UX) resulting in increased traction.

Want to improve your customer experience?


Why do it?

Higher customer satisfaction: Our insights and recommendations help you improve your information architecture, leading to higher user and customer satisfaction.

Fewer support calls: By clearly identifying and resolving customer pain points, you'll have less support calls to manage, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Happy customer: Customers who use your product or service in an effortless way contribute to a better net promoter score.

Better brand perception: A great customer experience and the right added value for your customers results in better brand perception and an increase in word of mouth.

More leads and sales: By detecting where customers leave your website or app we can improve your flow, which leads to more clients and sales.

What do you get?

Clear insights: We give you valuable insights about the biggest struggles your customers have when visiting your website, product, or service based on analytics and facts.

Tangible recommendations: With 10 years of expertise in building great customer experiences, we can help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Roadmap: A structured approach in the form of a roadmap showing you how to implement our recommendations and solutions in your service.

Want to explore how we can improve your products or services?