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Trend analysis

Trend analysis or trendwatching is a method for structuring the way we look at any given environment. It’s not about predicting the future, but rather analysing how the trends of today could change our future. Trendwatching is defined as the study of patterns in the changing behaviour of people.

Consumer trends are about people: how they behave, what they want, and how they view the world around them. More importantly, trends unlock opportunities. Before you can take advantage of those opportunities, it’s crucial to learn about the basic human needs and drivers of change that underpin those trends.

But what are those human needs and how can you spot emerging expectations in your industry? How can you use this knowledge to inform your future vision, communication, or new product or service? Trend analysis provides an answer to all these questions. It’s an indispensable phase when innovating. It shows you how other companies are solving specific customer needs and supplies tons of inspirational innovations that could improve your product.

The custom trend report at the end of our trend analysis shows you what’s happening in the consumer arena of your industry. You’ll gain insights into what your target market expects, which can inspire you to innovate.


Some benefits

Insights: Trend analysis highlights the best practices and innovations in your own and many other industries, which you can then translate into opportunities and key takeaways for your future plans and vision.

Customer research: Trend analysis gives you the insights you need to meet the growing expectations of your current and future customers.

Innovation: Trend analysis is an indispensable phase in the innovation process as it informs your decisions, giving you the necessary guidance, knowledge, and understanding of customer expectations to succeed.

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