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Roadmapping is a powerful tool for prioritising your to-dos and getting everyone aligned.

A digital roadmap is a high-level document that outlines an organisation's ambitions and identifies the digital initiatives that can help it get there. With roadmapping comes a set of questions and challenges: what is the company's end goal? Which projects and sub-projects can we distinguish? Who are the main stakeholders? How can we get the whole team on board?

A digital roadmap is a living document that grows with the business, providing a constant reference point to keep the strategy on track and aligned with organisational goals, even if those goals change and evolve over time. To achieve this, roadmaps should be reviewed and updated frequently, taking changing customer behaviour and business requirements into account.


Some benefits

Vision: A digital roadmap starts with bringing all relevant stakeholders together and defining a vision and end goal. No more rigid plans and loose projects.

Collaboration: Forget the overload of spreadsheets. A collaborative digital roadmap and backlog give all stakeholders a transparent view on the projects, responsibilities and milestones.

Human-centred: At Leap Forward we implement design thinking in our roadmaps. This results in a higher engagement and less discussions (e.g. prioritisation criteria) later on.

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