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Keyword Research

Keyword research helps you understand your audience, their search behaviours, and the language they use to communicate their wants and needs. It also forms the backbone of your SEO and SEA strategy—so it’s crucial to establishing a successful digital presence.


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Keyword research goes beyond merely crafting a well-optimised blog post. It's about delving deeper into the psyche of your online audience, deciphering their search behaviours, and uncovering their correlated interests.

Leap Forward’s meticulous keyword research helps you unravel the terms your target audience uses in their searches, the questions they're asking, and the products or services they need. These insights will be instrumental in shaping your digital strategy, informing your content creation and guiding your advertising efforts.

What does the keyword research process look like?

At Leap Forward, our keyword research process involves three core stages: gathering insights, analysing and structuring our findings, and putting them into action.

We begin by brainstorming with you and leveraging cutting-edge tools to gather a comprehensive list of potential keywords. Our specialists then scrutinise this list, considering your audience's intent, your unique selling proposition (USP), the relationship these keywords have with your product or service, and the cost per click (CPC) for these keywords.

Then, we classify them into core and auxiliary keywords, considering feasibility. This classification considers factors such as competition levels, monthly search volume, and relevance to your potential customers.

The result is a well-organised, strategic keyword roadmap customised to your business needs.

How do we apply the findings from our keyword research?

We don’t just deliver a static list of keywords and their volume. We help you apply this keyword research across multiple areas of your digital strategy: writing SEO content, optimising your website's SEO, and choosing which keywords are better suited for digital advertising (SEA).

From then on, we continue to offer assistance in setting up advertising campaigns and tracking your organic keyword and traffic performance. This ensures you maintain a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Keyword research offers a window into the minds of your customers, a roadmap to creating a successful digital presence, and a strategic lever for business growth. Partner with Leap Forward to harness the power of keyword research for your business.

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