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Focus groups

Focus groups are small, diverse groups of individuals selected to discuss and give feedback on a specific topic, product, or service. They serve as a microcosm of your larger target audience, offering invaluable insights that can guide your strategic decision-making.

Facilitated by a trained moderator, focus groups allow for an in-depth exploration of participants' attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and experiences related to the topic in question. They provide key strategic insights that help you deliver valuable products and services to your target audience.


Why conduct focus groups?

Focus groups provide a unique platform for direct, interactive communication with your customers. You’ll gain rich, nuanced data that’s unattainable through surveys or individual interviews. You can then use this information to understand your customers’ behaviour, needs, and craft superior customer experiences.

Best practices for conducting focus groups

Organising effective focus groups requires thoughtful planning and execution. Here are a few best practices we adhere to:

Prioritising diversity: We ensure that any focus group is representative of the larger target audience, encompassing varied demographics and perspectives.

Creating a comfortable environment: Our moderators create a comfortable environment that encourages honest feedback.

Structured yet spontaneous: We design sessions with a clear structure in mind, yet we also allow flexibility for spontaneous, revealing discussions.

Generating and analysing rich insights: We conduct a thorough analysis of the discussions, identifying key patterns, themes, and actionable insights.

Actionable recommendations: Based on the insights, we provide actionable recommendations, and maintain communication with participants for further clarification or follow-up studies.

Ultimately, the key to our focus groups lies in the art of listening. We do not assume. Instead, we actively seek to understand your customers' journey, making them the focal point of all focus group initiatives.

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