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Website Data Audit

With a website analytics audit you’re able to review the quality of your website data and settings of your analytics tool(s). The right configuration of your analytics tool leads to better and more trustworthy data, thus improving your insights into your marketing campaigns and your website visitors’ behaviour.

Why do you need a website data audit?

A well-conducted website analytics audit can help you with:

  • identifying errors and hidden opportunities in your tracking configuration,

  • making better marketing decisions based on trustworthy KPI’s,

  • improving the workings of your website based on correct user data,

  • arming you and your team with reliable data to present to important stakeholders.

Let us help you get better insights

How we work

  • First, we kick-off your project with an extensive workshop where we’ll map all of your business’s expectations, requirements, existing processes and tools.

    Together, we’ll identify potential risks and opportunities and make a list of priorities based on your business’s needs.

    Marketing Workshop
  • During the next step, we’ll dive deeper into your business’s existing tools and data configurations. The aim of this audit is to identify possible loopholes, such as incorrect tracking codes or ineffective set-up of, for example, conversion goals.

    Apart from spotting potential issues with your organisation’s website tracking, we’ll also provide practical solutions and next steps, based on your specific business goals.

    Data Audit
  • Last, but not least, we’ll put theory into practice. After the new set-up is validated by all stakeholders, we’ll start with the set-up in your organisation’s preferred analytics tool. Keep in mind that we’ll suggest specific tools if we are convinced that that tool is the right fit for your business. Since all tools have their pros and cons, this will be discussed and compared properly, to see which one will work best for you.

    Based on your business’s new tracking plan, we’ll create proper goals, provide correct tracking codes and install necessary filters. The whole set-up will be tested thoroughly.

    During a training session, we take you through the set-up, provide you with practical next steps and point out suggestions to further improve your tracking and analysis in the future.

    Data Tracking


We have experience with a range of data analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Matomo. Together, we can find the right solution for your organisation.

Ready to improve your data analytics?