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Discovering new value for innovation

In a digital economy opportunities lie everywhere. New technologies provide exciting opportunities to reach customers and transform business models. Thanks to a user-centered innovation framework we launch new strategies with guaranteed succes.

GO! - Education of the future

Education nowadays faces major challenges. More and more youngsters feel misplaced in the current educational system and leave school early. At the same time teachers feel overwhelmed by the increasing amount of expectations placed upon them. We're helping the Gemeenschapsonderwijs (GO!) in their mission to deliver the tools, platforms and processes to transform education for a new era.

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Bugaboo - Customer Experience

To better support their retailer’s needs in delivering great customer experiences Bugaboo wanted to build a new B2B service platform. We were asked to map the customer journeys for this service system and to investigate the organisational changes required to implement it.

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VLAIO - Digital Service For Entrepreneurs

We were commissioned to carry out a design study to identify the needs of entrepreneurs for a new centralised online service and build a proof of concept to validate the conclusions. In a society where customer expectations are rising, governmental services must evolve as well. VLAIO embarked on a journey to make their service radically digital and more customer-friendly. We helped them put design at the forefront of this evolution.

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Roxell - Touch-based feeding controller

Take the huge diversity of Roxell's customers, add to that the complexity of feeding different kinds of poultry throughout their lifetimes and you have a great many factors that need to be taken into account for an interface. Our challenge was to figure out which funtionality was most important for the customers and to keep the interface simple.

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Muntpunt - Designing a state of the art library experience

During schools exam period, Muntpunt notices a high peak in visitor amounts, especially in the number of students. In these periods high schoolers, college and university students are frequently visiting the library to study. Currently, there’s a reservation system, but it only allows to make a reservation a few study spaces. For the other seats the rule of ‘first come first served’ applies. Today, this system doesn’t meet the expectations of the team. That’s why the goal for this project was to design a better comprehensive and modern system.

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What we wrote about Value Discovery

Inspiration overload: the most important trend reports for 2019

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Opening our second studio in Kortrijk

Yesterday we opened a second office in Kortrijk. After growing steadily stronger over the past years in Ghent, we felt it was time to venture into new grounds. Read all about it here!

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Why do you need a framework for innovation?

Over the last years we‘ve worked together with a lot of teams - public, corporate and startup - on challenging innovation & transformation projects. In this blog post we share our learnings and how we discovered an integrated framework for innovation along the way.

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Introducing the 'Blockchain Value Design Method'

Blockchain is a highly disruptive and complex technology. We found that many organisations have questions about it. Download our toolkit and start prototyping valuable concepts.

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Creative sessions, what's the point?

A good creative session is a lot more than just generating ideas. It’s part of a larger goal of delivering innovation in a company and creating the right culture to achieve this.

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We define, test and implement innovation strategies. And we get breakthrough products, services and experiences to market. Fast.

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