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Rapid prototyping with emerging technology

New technologies present unique opportunities to rethink how products, services and society operates today. We provide prototyping capabilities to boost your team with the necessary skills to evolve from idea to first release. Fast!

Ridley - Smart Bike Experience

We live in an age of streams. Our music, content, movies and social interactions are available on demand to enrich our experiences throughout the day. Thanks to the 'Internet of Things', soon objects will become streams as well. Capturing data and giving feedback, allowing for all new kinds of interactions. Ridley is using these technological possibilities to build an entirely new type of smart bike. We helped them to define the experience design and build exciting services around it.

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Roxell - Touch-based feeding controller

Take the huge diversity of Roxell's customers, add to that the complexity of feeding different kinds of poultry throughout their lifetimes and you have a great many factors that need to be taken into account for an interface. Our challenge was to figure out which funtionality was most important for the customers and to keep the interface simple.

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VDAB - Edutube

Digital technology has changed our world radically. Innovations such as Khan Acadamy and Coursera have democratised learning worldwide. These services have lowered the threshold to learn and let people do it at their own pace and liking. VDAB has a clear vision to be part of this evolution. They asked us to implement a new online video service to enrich their programs with new didactic methods.

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What we wrote about Rapid Prototyping

Stimulating new mobility behaviour for Slim Naar Antwerpen

Over the coming years the city of Antwerp will be involved in big infrastructural works that will impact the general mobility of the city. To provide people with the best information on how to travel in and around the city, the mobility team of Antwerp launched a "Slim Naar Antwerpen" website. After discovering that the first version didn't connect to the needs of their target audience we were asked to redesign the platform.

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Opening our second studio in Kortrijk

Yesterday we opened a second office in Kortrijk. After growing steadily stronger over the past years in Ghent, we felt it was time to venture into new grounds. Read all about it here!

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Take your wireframes to the next level with FLOW

This our own internal library which allows us to easily create detailed wireframes, without being too restrictive. We use this as a starting point to keep everything efficient & consistent, but they still encourage creativity and some custom work.

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What we learned after playing around with ARkit for a week

When Apple announced ARKit earlier this year, the writing was on the wall that AR might be on the verge of blowing up into the mainstream. We put the software to the test to see if it is really living up to the hype.

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Why do you need a framework for innovation?

Over the last years we‘ve worked together with a lot of teams - public, corporate and startup - on challenging innovation & transformation projects. In this blog post we share our learnings and how we discovered an integrated framework for innovation along the way.

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Unveiling the secrets of Microsoft Hololens

At LeapForward, we consider staying on top of the latest technological advances to be of crucial importance if we want to continue to offer our clients the best solutions for their digital product design needs.

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Introducing the 'Blockchain Value Design Method'

Blockchain is a highly disruptive and complex technology. We found that many organisations have questions about it. Download our toolkit and start prototyping valuable concepts.

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The making of Journey For Elysium: A VR Experience: Part 1

Read all about the making of Journey For Elysium. A VR storytelling experience we are building from the ground up at our studio!

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Fix It Friday

Every two months on Friday afternoon we clear our schedules and take the time to fix things.

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