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How we’re transforming media experience

Technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of our sensory experiences. We ’ve been at the forefront of defining and testing these new interactions for years.  Discover the shift in the way people perceive their surroundings, interact with each other, create, work and play.

Ridley - Smart Bike Experience

We live in an age of streams. Our music, content, movies and social interactions are available on demand to enrich our experiences throughout the day. Thanks to the 'Internet of Things', soon objects will become streams as well. Capturing data and giving feedback, allowing for all new kinds of interactions. Ridley is using these technological possibilities to build an entirely new type of smart bike. We helped them to define the experience design and build exciting services around it.

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Vacature.com - Cross-channel experience

We teamed up with Vacature.com to rethink and redesign their online presence. Using our systems approach we first transformed the Salariskompas and made it more attractive to end-users by focussing on playfulness and a low-effort accessibility. Discovering the succes of our approach, we translated the insights of the first project into a complete styleguide platform used today by different partners within and outside of Vacature to create new digital tools in a coherent and efficient way.

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De Standaard - Innovating the reading experience of newspapers

In a world where everybody is constantly connected and interacting with screens, authentic reading experiences are an important thing for organisations such as the Mediahuis. After running a series of innovation sprints we created a tablet app that introduced a new way of digital reading. By prototyping directly into the code, we were able to quickly test and iterate on different interactions. Guided by reading principles such as scanability and eye focus we created a digital app that allowed for both quick browsing and in-depth exploration.

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Journey For Elysium - VR Storytelling Experience

have to pave their way on an old rowboat through an epic version of the mythological underworld. On their way players will have to overcome a number of obstacles, puzzles, monsters and challenges.

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What we wrote about New Media

    Artificial Intelligence in Service Design

    Technology is more than ever impacting our daily lives. Services are fundamentally shifting from mere human-to-human contact towards a mix of technological and human interaction. Designers should already take this evolution into account when creating future experiences. In this think-piece we will spotlight artificial intelligence, its accompanying design hurdles and how to overcome them.

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    Opening our second studio in Kortrijk

    Yesterday we opened a second office in Kortrijk. After growing steadily stronger over the past years in Ghent, we felt it was time to venture into new grounds. Read all about it here!

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    VR Days Europe

    In the end of October we visited the VR Days Europe conference, a 3-day celebration of Virtual and Augmented content, creativity and innovation. These are our take aways!

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    The making of Journey For Elysium: A VR Experience: Part 1

    Read all about the making of Journey For Elysium. A VR storytelling experience we are building from the ground up at our studio!

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