Design Sprint

The Design Sprint-format is built for speed, aligning your team and building things your customers actually care about. Every day of the sprint is timeboxed to the minute, enabling you and your team to go from idea to prototype in just 4 days.

Whether you’re a start-up, scale-up or multinational, we’ve all experienced what happens when great ideas or complex business challenges need to be solved: it always takes a lot more time than you had expected. Our format enables you to do months of work in less than a week.

It’s simple: You start with a business or design challenge and end up with a validated prototype, with the help of our Leap Forward experts.

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Day 1

Great solutions solve real problems. On the first day we focus on defining the challenge and empathising with all stakeholders or users. Once we created a shared goal and understanding, it’s time to ideate and define a vast amount of ideas - ranging anywhere between conservative and absolutely disruptive -

  • “How might we”-exercises
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Success metrics
  • Similar challenges
  • Brainstorm cards
  • Crazy 8’s

Day 2

On the second day, it’s time to decide on which solution(s) we want to push forward during the sprint.
Once we have our focus, we sketch, align on the to-be customer journey and determine which assumptions we want to tackle during our user tests.

This is how our second day will look like:

  • Idea voting
  • Storyboarding
  • Assumptions & Sprint questions
  • Prototype sketching
  • Tasks & roles

Day 3

Our prototypers get to work, visualising our new solution towards a high fidelity prototype or a pitch, depending on who our customer is. We take into account all assumptions we want to test, to make sure we (in)validate the most critical elements of our new idea or business strategy. Since this is our specialty, the client team is welcome to join but it's not mandatory during this day.

  • User journeys
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • User tests scenarios

Day 4

This is it, what it’s all about: how will potential customers or other stakeholders react to our new product, service or strategy? On the last day, we invite users, key decision makers and/or partners as an objective validation point. During this test, we study how people react and get clear insights on where to go next. As a round-up, we formalise the next steps after the design sprint (iteration, implementation … ).

  • User tests & interviews
  • Internal stakeholder interviews
  • Test review & iterations
  • Roadmap
  • Next steps


Why would you do a Design Sprint?

  • Before a product is built: get early validation on an idea
  • To define or refine your corporate strategy with your core team
  • Experiment & validate before you as a company make a big bet on a product/service
  • (Corporate) Startups looking for financing: align team & tangible prototype towards investors
  • Drastically improve elements of an existing product
  • Get away from day to day business to get stuff done
  • Align a team towards tangible ideas

Who is it for?

The Design sprint is made for any team or organisation, from startup to multinational. As long as you have a complex business challenge and you don’t want to invest months of time on it, you’re ready for a design sprint. The teams that usually join us:

  • Corporate Innovation teams
  • Startup and scaleup teams
  • Digital or product design teams
  • Corporate Strategy teams
  • C-level


  • The Design Sprint is a 4 day-format.
  • The workshop days are all planned consecutively. It’s built for speed.
  • Only on the 3rd day, your team isn’t required on location. But they are always welcome.
  • We advise to organise this off site, our studio is fully equipped but other locations are also an option.

A Design Sprint starts at €15 000. If you feel like your company's challenge needs a different approach, we can create custom formats to fit your organisation's specific needs. Just send an email to and we'll schedule a call.


Davino Van Hal

Davino is a born entrepreneur who lives to get people excited to take action & execute on their innovative ideas. His favorite place? Any room that has a whiteboard and a marker to make ideas as tangible as possible.

He doesn’t mind getting in the trenches with you to guide you through the hurdles of innovation. As an experienced innovation mentor & strategic business designer, he’ll always bring the insights you need to get to the next level.

Expertise: Business Design, Innovation Strategy, Lean Startup, Project Management, Creative facilitation, Financial Modelling, Customer Development

David Morgan

David is an empathic designer with a passion for learning about people, technology and systems. He is driven by improving processes and workflows and is able to switch from the bigger picture to the small details in no time.

 As a strategic design partner and coach, he will examine how design can be used to achieve the desired change. Together with Stina Vanhoof, he hosts the Service Design Podcast and regularly speaks at conferences and training sessions.

Expertise: Service Design, UX Design, Information Architecture, Workshop Moderation, Interaction Design, Design Coaching, Software Prototyping, Video Editing, Motion Graphic Design.

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