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Creating solid personas

You’ve done your research and got to know the needs of the users, but find it difficult to implement and communicate these insights. Building personas will firstly help you to bring the research insights together and build a concrete outcome you can communicate to the organisation. Secondly they help you to set priorities and make decisions based on users’ needs.

What can you expect?

  • Before starting the training we’ll talk through the research that has been done so our service designers can tailor make templates to fit your target audience. This gives us the opportunity to fully focus on creating a tangible outcome during the training itself.

    When there hasn’t been any previous research, your organisation too can benefit from this training. In that case we offer two options: work with a fictitious project we chose together or create personas to fit your organisation based on assumptions, and then a validating survey is needed afterwards.

    workshop persona
  • During the training we’ll focus on two things: first the creation of the persona itself and secondly the facilitation of a persona workshop. This will give you all the tools to organise more persona workshops within your organisation, so they can grow and develop over time.

    We’ll work towards personas you can already use and implement, but will also show how they can impact your organisation via practical examples.

    persona workshop sitting

Practical info

This training can be given both in Dutch or English by our experienced business designers and innovation experts from the Leap Forward Group. We like to offer a tailored approach and therefore accept no more than 12 participants.

Who will benefit from this training

Everyone who wants to bring the target audience inside the organisation, and build solutions based on real needs.


We partnered up with KMO-portefeuille, which means you can get a 40% discount on this training. More information here.

The price of this training is €1.195 (21% VAT excl.) per attendee. This includes all materials and catering for both days.

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Your facilitators

We're a team of creatives, researchers, engineers, and teachers committed to crafting experiences that make people happy and help your organisation grow.

  • Cedric

    Cédric Kamp

    Service Designer

  • Sander

    Sander Jacobs

    Lead UX

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