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Creating solid customer journeys

A customer journey can be used in many ways. Either as a research method to map the current customer experience or as a prototype when creating a future service. As it is such a visual tool it is often the starting point to define opportunities and priorities.

What can you expect?

  • In preparation of the training, we’ll define the best approach together, depending on the insights and material your organisation already has. This will make sure that we can work towards a ready-to-use outcome for your organisation.

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  • We’ll start the training with the basics of customer journeys. You’ll learn the different building blocks and various levels of zoom that are used.

    When making your personal journey, there’s the possibility to take it one step further and include back-end processes as well, resulting in a customer journey and service blueprint.

    At the end of the training, we make sure you’ll leave with the knowhow to generate, implement and create impact with your customer journey.

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Practical info

This training can be given both in Dutch or English by our experienced business designers and innovation experts from the Leap Forward Group. We like to offer a tailored approach and therefore accept no more than 12 participants.

Who will benefit from this training

Everyone who wants to reflect on the service they deliver towards the target audience and is willing to take actions to create a better experience.


We partnered up with KMO-portefeuille, which means you can get a 40% discount on this training. More information here.

The price of this training is €1.195 (21% VAT excl.) per attendee. This includes all materials and catering for both days.

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    Cédric Kamp

    Service Designer

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    Sander Jacobs

    Lead UX

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