How we train the Experience Architects of tomorrow

Coming fall, we start training new Experience Architects in collaboration with Artevelde Hogeschool. In this article, we look back on the past two years of setting up this program and evaluating the first edition. But we're also looking forward to welcome future experience architects.

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Why we switched to Figma

What's expensive and inefficient for any design agency? Tons of tools, indeed. In the last few years, we've been working with a combination of Sketch, Abstract, and Invision. But even these three together didn't answer our needs. So early 2020, we decided to dip our toe into the Figma-waters.

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Blending the digital and physical: Pieter’s learnings

A few years ago, industrial product designer Pieter took the leap and switched from physical to digital product design. In this blog post, he shares his learnings and tells you what it means to be a good designer. He explains why attitude and design methodology are more important than medium.

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Leap Forward supports WWF for De Warmste Week 2019

Every year we support a good cause for "De Warmste Week". Last year we improved the donation experience for Oxfam, this year we went full on animalistic and chose WWF Belgium as our cause. Our design team created ten animalistic mugs that will definitely uplift your coffee moments!

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10 service design resources you should know about

You’re a business owner, looking for ways to improve your company’s service design. Or maybe you’re a student considering the service design route, but you have no clue where to start. Or you’re just a curious cat and you want to know more about service design. In this article I'll share my top 10 service design resources.

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We've got some fresh meat at Leap Forward

September marks the first work experience for four new Leap Forward team members! To make this huge step official, we'd like to present our latest talent acquisitions in this article.

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Why a design sprint is always a good idea

At Leap Forward, we are true believers in design sprints. They allow us to solve big problems and validate ideas in just four days. It’s a high-speed way to kick-off and innovation. Many of our clients are already convinced of the Design Sprint purpose and benefits. This article highlights its main advantages and invites decision-makers to take the leap.

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Hacking for innovation with Exellys

Leap Forward was asked to organise an exciting innovation hackathon for Exellys, recruitment and talent integrators with a focus on technology. As part of the two year Smart Program, a training and coaching program which aims to bring their graduates to a tech professional level, the participants were given the opportunity to put their gathered knowledge to the test. Teams competed against each other for two consecutive days, tackling innovative challenges full of fun and learnings!

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Organising a hackathon for accessibility

Every now and then, we like to challenge ourselves, the team and our company for a good cause. Just like last Christmas a number of colleagues teamed up for Oxfam Pakt uit. This time, we wanted to put the focus on accessibility and accessible design. And since we saw this initiative really big, we teamed up with six other design firms and hacked one day for universal design.

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Why business design enhances design thinking

At Leap Forward, we believe that you can only create sustainable businesses, when (1) your product is solving a real customer problem, (2) for which people want to pay and (3) for which they choose you above competition.

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