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The Leap Forward Interns Are Dealing With Unforeseen Circumstances

Our Leap Forward interns cannot wait to make their first appearance! That's why we proudly present our latest talent acquisitions in this article and want to acknowledge them for their ´╗┐handling working at home so well.

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Leap Forward supports WWF for De Warmste Week 2019

Every year we support a good cause for "De Warmste Week". Last year we improved the donation experience for Oxfam, this year we went full on animalistic and chose WWF Belgium as our cause. Our design team created ten animalistic mugs that will definitely uplift your coffee moments!

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We've got some fresh meat at Leap Forward

September marks the first work experience for four new Leap Forward team members! To make this huge step official, we'd like to present our latest talent acquisitions in this article.

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Organising a hackathon for accessibility

Every now and then, we like to challenge ourselves, the team and our company for a good cause. Just like last Christmas a number of colleagues teamed up for Oxfam Pakt uit. This time, we wanted to put the focus on accessibility and accessible design. And since we saw this initiative really big, we teamed up with six other design firms and hacked one day for universal design.

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    Meet our new Leap Forward interns

    Intern season kicked off! And we're very thrilled to have this brand new talent at our Ghent offices. In order to welcome this design and innovation enthusiasts in a proper way, we like to introduce them to you by their expertises.

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