April 17th, 2020

The Leap Forward Interns Are Dealing With Unforeseen Circumstances

It’s intern season! This year, we’ve got six brave soldiers lined up, waiting to make their appearance. But Iske, Laure, Margot, Kacim, Caroline, and Joachim have been battling unforeseen circumstances.

That’s why we felt honoured to see their unwavering enthusiasm remaining unchanged when they heard about having to work from home. They still even wear their finest outfits to work!

Or do they?

Let’s take a look.

It's never been more challenging to work on different projects as a group. That's why we were excited to see that technology enables us to exchange knowledge and communicate effectively with one another. As a result, these troopers still learn a lot and get tons of work done, efficiently, even in their chill pants.

We're doing everything in our power to guide the interns in the best way possible by immersing them into the new ways of working like digital design sprints and online user tests. We're proud to say that we're doing a great job in supporting each other, despite the unusual circumstances.

Iske helps out the service designers from Knight Moves, the two boys Kacim and Joachim are Little Miss Robot-interns and Laure, Margot and Caroline are diving into visual storytelling at Once.


After studying new media communication technology, Joachim decided that it wasn’t time to go work just yet. So he went on a new journey: he decided to become a Deviner and studied Digital Design and Development at Howest Kortrijk. During this internship, he’s already discovered that he loves to develop front-end animation.

Joachim is a real Little Miss Robot-fan. He even photographed the LMR-neon light when he started out. Next to Little Miss Robot, he’s also crazy about cats and has no idea what his guilty pleasures are. But if you give him a good burger, he won’t refuse! In a previous life, Joachim wanted to become an astronaut. Instead of doing that, he built Immo Asteroïd, a website on which you can rent your own star. Pretty cool, right?


Just like Joachim, Kacim also studies Digital Design and Development at Howest Kortrijk. Studying hasn’t always been a breeze for Kacim, but when he discovered front-end development, a whole new world opened up!

In his free time, Kacim loves to skate and if you’d tell him that he couldn’t play any sport, ever again, he wouldn’t survive. But aside from burning calories, he also likes to eat a few. His guilty pleasure - without actually feeling guilty about it - is eating a big burger. He even likes to take pictures of his food and send them to his friends to make them jealous!


When she was little, Margot wanted to become famous. So when someone once told her that she had a good radio voice, she was over the moon!

When Margot graduated as a commercial scientist, she specialised in IT management. But after getting her degree, she was hungry for a taste of the web design and development world. The solution? Devine at Howest Kortrijk! Recently, she discovered that she likes to mess around with the auto layout feature in Figma.

Margot is a night owl who loves listening to The Cure. She prefers Spotify over Netflix, but if you made her watch anyway, she wouldn’t mind bingeing on Friends all day long because she loves having a good laugh.


Caroline studies Graphic Design/Studio Stil at Luca School of Arts. Her favourite way to pass intern-time is to draw sketches in Illustrator, preferably in a lilac shade.

Caroline secretly likes the quarantine because she has plenty of time to play with and walk her dogs right now. When this tall, creative genius is not drawing, she’s either eating ice cream, binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale or watching and photographing sunrises and sunsets.


Laure has always been fascinated by art, which is why she studied the science of art at UGent. After spending so much time in dusty archives, she had enough of the academic world and decided to go after a cooler degree: Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE) at Howest Kortrijk.

Talking about cool and colourful, when Laure was little, she wanted to become a comic book illustrator. We think she hasn’t entirely stopped following that childhood dream, but that she’s just using her internship as coverups to keep sharpening her pencil.

When you can’t find Laure illustrating or compositing, she’s probably cuddling a cat somewhere. This cat lady is also crazy about coffee. Nothing gets her creative juices flowing like her morning coffee and a couple of Disney songs to sing along with.


With degrees in Interior Architecture, Idea and Innovation Management and now completing a postgraduate degree in Space and Service design, you could say that Iske loves to learn. Attending and participating in co-creation sessions is what she loves to do most at Leap Forward.

Next to being so studious, Iske also loves to explore the world. The worst thing that could happen to this real-life Dora would be a ban on travelling. With the USA, Lebanon, Colombia, Ecuador, and many other beautiful countries checked off her list, you could say this morning person is a real travel junkie.

Iske’s ultimate guilty pleasure is eating potato chips with milk - eh… - and the best compliment she ever got was someone who wished Iske would have been her teacher!

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