March 28th, 2019

Stimulating new mobility behaviour for Slim Naar Antwerpen

Slim naar Antwerpen is a project where Leap Forward Group teams Little Miss Robot (Digital Product Design) and Knight Moves (service design) collaborated for the full redesign of the platform. Studio Hyperdrive was our dedicated development partner.

Our Challenge

Over the coming years the city of Antwerp will be involved in big infrastructural works that will impact the general mobility of the city. To provide people with the best information on how to travel in and around the city, the mobility team of Antwerp launched a "Slim Naar Antwerpen" website. After discovering that the first version didn't connect to the needs of their target audience we were asked to redesign the platform.

Human-centred approach

By doing extensive user research we managed to redefine the whole information architecture. The previous website was built mainly from the perspective of how the organisation internally worked. With this approach it was hard for the user to find relevant information.

By analysing the primary target audiences & and rewriting the copy from a more human-centered approach we restructured the information architecture so it was clear and simple for everybody. After testing & iterating on different prototypes with our users we landed on a easy to use website that makes sense for a large diversity of target groups.

Everybody on the same page

As there were a big amount of stakeholders to take into account, one of the big challenges we faced during our project was to keep everybody involved in the design decisions.

We solved this by also setting up an interactive knowledge base for the content & development team. This proved to be a great asset for the whole team because it explains in detail how the product should work and highlights its restrictions and its possibilities at the same time.

Sna 03

A living design language

As it is with every digital product the work is never finished: it constantly evolves, features are being added & removed in every iteration. However by using a modular approach, presented in an online styleguide, we're prepared for what's to come and where to iterate.

Continuously improving the experience

For the new version of "Slim Naar Antwerpen" we focused on the usability of features that were of value for the end user, but also introduced new ones that stimulate new mobility behaviour and address the personal situation of every specific traveller.

Sna 05

Discover the website here

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